Project Description

Sant Sebastià de
Cerdanyés, s. XI

Located on the top of the hill of Mas Cerdanyés in the south, next to the ruins of other high-medieval buildings, now already missed and close to Can Batlle. This may have been the main church in the neighborhood of Cerdanyés, given its size and the fact that it is situated very close to the house, which gives its name to the region. Unfortunately, it was not possible to find any documentary information about the church, which belonged in the Middle Ages to the parish term of St. Marti de Tarabau. The size of this temple was an example of the religious vitality and demographic fullness during the medieval period.  Currently only remaining the east half of the building. Due to the lack of representative architectural elements, you can venture the hypothesis that the reforms that have been described correspond to  the constructive rural architecture in the second half of the eleventh century.