» Formed by ancient parishes, defensive fortifications and country houses, the Baronia de Rialb is an ideal paradise to discover the architecture of the 11th and 12th century. The rugged landscape, the Mediterranean oak and pine forest, the crops, the white waters of the river Rialb,farm products and its hospitable and welcoming people will turn your stay into an unforgettable memory.

» We invite you to feel the beat of this land, with the convincment that you will find a comfortable environment, which will transmit you pleasant and happy emotions!


Look upon the stars…

We are UNESCO Starlight Reserve!

The measures of light pollution realised in the last decade have showed that a big part of the Montsec zone presents some exceptional conditions of darkness and the fact of the low afectations of the municipalities members of the zone guarantees the quality and the preservation of nocturnal sky.

Find a place outside urban centers and look up at the sky, you will discover thousands of stars that can be seen at a glance from a privileged position. Next step is begin to identify some of these stars, in particular, the groups called constellations. Do you want to know more?

Tourist Destination Scope and Montsec Starlight Reserve location


What is a Starlight destination?

These are places to visit wich have excellent qualities for the contemplation of the starry sky and tourist activities based on this resource. It aims to guarantee the ability to enjoy observing the sky and discover scientific, natural, cultural and landscape associated values. Thus, for the first time is created a certification that joins science and tourism values based on the observation of the sky.

Our sky

Fotografia cedida per Xavier Villegas

Xavier Villegas Courtesy

Taste the truffle of the Barony of Rialb!


Throughout the season from November to March you can taste the black truffle of the Barony of Rialb (sort ofTubbs melanosporum) in several restaurants. The precious fungus grows in the undergrowth of our land and is found with the help of trained dogs. In addition, during the season, you can visit the plantations on Sunday morning. Want to know more?

Visit the dam!

presa panta rialb

Have you ever seen a hydroelectric dam from the inside? So do not miss the opportunity to visit it during the week. Contact the Town Hall or the Tourist Office for an appointment.

Prepare the sports bag!

Girl running – Aida Mases Courtesy

Swimsuit, leggings, breathable shirt, sandals, trainers… And feel free to take your bike! You’ll find hiking trails and walking paths, the swamp to swim, the river for canyoning… Surely you won’t get bored!