Feel the pleasure of the cuisine made with local products which are the basis of our traditional and home cuisine.

The orchards of Gualter, the forests of Palau and El Puig and the Rialb river offer a variety of local products such as vegetables, mushrooms, olives, nuts and river trout. For the most demanding palates, there is the truffle of La Baronia de Rialb  (Tubber melanosporum), that grows in the lands north of the town.
In addition, we also emphasize homemade products such as cold meats, olive oil and honey. Everything gives a unique cuisine in the whole territory.


Bar Restaurant Rialb

What will you eat?

Traditional cuisine made with proposals rooted in local products and based on traditional flavors of the earth, providing a handmade value to the plate.

Guests: 25
Weekly rest: dilluns i dimarts
Address: C/ Camí Pont, s/n, Gualter

973 462 038 / 627 183 739

Restaurant Masia Massanés

(Temporally closed)

What will you eat?

Home cooking, where you can taste typical dishes of traditional Catalan cuisine with first fruits of the earth.

Guests: 45
Weekly rest: dimarts
Adress: Ctra. 1412
Cruïlla de St. Cristòfol i el Puig

Earth Product

Cold meats and homemade products

Where to buy??

Masia Perdigués
Crta. 1412 Cruïlla de St. Cristòfol i el Puig
973 296 040

Buy in site and visit the workshop and the counter.

Perdigués farmhouse produces handmade first quality cold meats since 1998. Thanks to the climate, the raw materials and the structure of the house, the cold meat have a natural drying. You can also find other homemade products like olive oil, pecorino cheese, chocolate stone and black truffles (in season).


Truffle of la Baronia de Rialb

Where to buy?

Masia Perdigués
Crta. 1412 Cruïlla de St. Cristòfol i el Puig
973 296 040

Masia Massanés
Crta. 1412 Cruïlla de St. Cristòfol i el Puig
973 296 018

The truffle of la Baronia de Rialb, tubber melanosporum, comes from holm oak, oak and hazel. Due to geographical conditions, geological and edapholical, stands out its sweet taste and its strong and penetrating aroma, variable depending on the state of maturation.


Rialb egg

Avícola Pla de l’Oliva

La Serra
973 460 184
676 24 61 37

Fresh eggs, mountain eggs.
The company has transmitted the tradition of its own production and distribution from parents to children.
The Rialb egg is distributed to supermarkets, shops and restaurants in the country.


Rialb river trout

Piscifactoria Molinou S.L.

El Puig
973 296 062
606 400 257

Founded in 1969, the Fish farm Molinou S.L engaged in the production of trout, eggs and alluvium trout and also restocking rivers. The trout is distributed to restaurants, fish markets and Mercabarna central market.