Taxable event

The provision of the parking service of
mechanically propelled vehicles (motorcycle, car, caravan, motorhome, van or
similar) in the municipal car parks located on the road to the valley of the river Rialb that connects
with Bush during the period from June 15 to September 15 of each

Parking hours are 9 a.m. to 10 p.m.


Those who are obliged to pay the fee regulated in this ordinance
benefit from the service consisting of parking the vehicle, in the car parks on the way to
valley of the river Rialb that connects with Boixols during the period from June 15 to 15
September of each year.
From June 15 to September 15 of each year, there will be an information point with staff
of the City Council at the coordinates X: 349452.0m, Y: 4654516.0m of the river valley path
Rialb in Boixols, for advice, tourist information and management of the parking area,
the reservation of the parking space can be acquired in advance through the platform
enabled for this purpose from the city council’s website or directly on it
person the same day (subject to availability).

Tax rate

The amounts of the fee for the provision of the parking service will be determined by
the application of the rates contained in this article, depending on the parking place (see
situation in plan ANNEX), regardless of the people in each vehicle and
of the vehicle parking time:

  • Parking area A (spaces num.1-35) 20 € / vehicle / day
  • Parking area B (spaces num.36-54) 30 € / vehicle / day
  • Parking area C (spaces num.55-67) 40 € / vehicle / day


Vehicles intended for healthcare are exempt from the payment of this fee,
utilities, emergencies, rescue services, firefighters, police or any other of
analogous public nature that must access the area within its scope
Vehicles domiciled in the municipality of La Baronia de Rialb will be exempt from payment
of this fee, upon reservation of the parking space.
During the period from June 15 to September 15, property owners in the river valley
Rialb who have to perform agricultural or forestry tasks and the people participating in
tourist activities organized by the City Council, may apply to the City Council for a
parking permit badge for parking outside enabled areas, provided
do not hinder circulation.


✓ The owner of a property in La Baronia de Rialb will be able to benefit from a bonus of
the 80% tax rate for ONE vehicle, upon reservation of the parking space and
accreditation of ownership.
✓ Tourist activity companies that have a property in the Barony of Rialb i
the tourist lodgings and the houses of rural tourism of the municipality, will be able to benefit
of a bonus of the tax quota of 80% for the vehicles of its customers, previous
parking space reservation.
✓ Season bonus: The owner of a property in La Baronia de Rialb can book one
fixed place for the whole season, upon request through the City Council’s website,
with the following rates:

  • Parking area A (spaces num.1-35) 200 € / space
  • Parking area B (spaces num.36-54) 250 € / space
  • Parking area C (spaces num.55-67) 300 € / space


The obligation to pay the fee arises from the moment the provision of the service begins
regulates in this ordinance, that is, from the time a place is applied for
parking, prior to specification by reservation and payment through the platform
enabled for this purpose or in person at the information point of the car park located
at the X: 349452.0m, Y: 4654516.0m coordinates of the Rialb River path. Admission will be
indispensable condition for the provision of the service.
Reservations made will only be valid for the day booked

Offenses and penalties

They are considered to be part of infringements of local regulations and will be
punishable by the City Council the infractions and prohibitions contained within it
of this ordinance, which will be sanctioned with a fine of up to € 200, for the
following infractions:

  • Parking more than one parking space
  • Incorrect parking of vehicles
  • Parking in essential or reserved service spaces without authorization
  • Park outside the designated areas
  • Park in the designated places but outside the established hours
  • Park in the enabled places without having made the payment of the running fee
  • Fraudulent use of the parking ticket

When determining the corresponding sanction, the City Council will guarantee the due adequacy
between the gravity of the constitutive fact of the infraction and the sanction applied, and will be considered
especially the following criteria:

a) The existence of intentionality or repetition, as well as the degree of participation in the events of
the offender and the profit obtained by him on the occasion of the administrative offense.
b) The nature of the damage caused, taking into account the severity of the damage resulting from the
infringement, the social disturbance caused and the degree of impact that such infringement has had.
c) Recidivism, by commission, within a period of one year of more than one infraction of the same
nature when this has been declared by firm resolution in administrative proceedings.

The staff in charge of ensuring proper compliance with these ordinances are, the
members of the Mossos d’Esquadra Corps, qualified staff of La Baronia City Council
of Rialb, the Rural Agents, the Civil Guard and other competent authorities.
In all matters relating to the classification of tax offenses and the applicable sanctions that
in each case shall be in accordance with the provisions of Articles 178 et seq. of the Law
58/2003, of 17 December, General Taxation, as well as its provisions of
deployment, in accordance with Article 11 of the revised text of the Law regulating finance
premises, approved by RDL 2/2004, of 5 March.

Applicable law

In what is not provided for in this Ordinance, the provisions of the text shall apply
recast of the Law Regulating Local Finances, approved by Royal Legislative Decree 2/2004,
of 5 March, in Law 7/1985, of 2 April, regulating the bases of the local regime, in the
Law 58/2003, of 17 December, General Tax Law, Law 8/1989, of 13 April, on taxes and
public prices, as well as in the Municipal Ordinance regulating the natural spaces of La
Barony of Rialb