By car!

The valley of Rialb

Route: Monastery of Sta. Maria de Gualter > direction Tremp > Crossroad of El Puig i St. Cristòfol > El Puig > Masia Perdigués > direction Tremp > Palau de Rialb > Ponts.
Duration: 1 hour 45 minuts (48 km)
Opcional route: Direction St. Marti > River Rialb
Duration: +30 minuts (8 km)

Surrounding the Rialb reservoir 

Route: Monastery of Sta. Maria de Gualter > km 5.6 > La Torre > direction Ponts > Gualter
Duration: 1 hour (30 km)
Opcional Route: La Torre > Mas La Pedra > direction Vilaplana > Vilaplana > direction Politg > Pallerols > direction Ponts > Politg > direction Ponts > Gualter.
Duration: +2 hours 30 minuts (58 km)


alzinera de cal penjat

The Cal Penjat holm oak (Quercus ilex subsp. Rotundifolia) in the place of Ramoneda, was declared monumental tree of local interest in 1990.


The ruins of Tarabau Castle belonged to the high Rialb (Rialb Sobirà), which later would be called Tarabau Valley. On the hill, the castle ruins that many years ago dominated these patches are guessed.


The township is crossed by the GR-1 transversely (east-west) at the upper-middle part. Enters for the east from Peramola by Sant Marc range and leaves for Comiols range in the west at the Pallars Jussà.

Animals and nature!

Animal observation


River Rialb!

The Rialb river, white river -of latin albus- is an affluent of the river Segre which borns under the village of Bóixols in the Pallars Jussà. Formed by the union of two other rivers, Collell and Pujals, in the eastern slope of the Boumort mountain range. It runs southwards and has three clearly different parts; the high, the half and the low Rialb.
By the municipality it runs the middle and lower river. In this part of the river are settled different towns and parishes. Crossed by hills, several secondary valleys and taking shape as a highlighted corridor in the midst of a hilly irregular and wild area, we find the Forat de Bulí, a canyon where four streams converge forming a spectacular place.


Walk for a warmer summer day down a beautiful stretch of the river with crystalline waters. Do not forget to bring the right equipment and always respect the natural environment. Do not make it ever before, during or after rainy days, it can be dangerous.

The Forat de Bulí is a stretch gorge of  the Rialb River in the western limestones of the Aubenç range in the place of Gabarra, in the municipality of Coll de Nargó and La Baronia de Rialb.

The river water is filtered by the site of Les Cots and does not reappear until the Forat de Buli, a four very narrow and deep grooves where the water flows, nestled in the most rugged part of the canyon. Finally, the river comes out onto a 100 meters long tunnel in the rock. Given the specific nature of the relief and its karstification, this system of gorges is a unique phenomenon in Catalonia.

Short canyon: 35€/p – 3h
Children under 14: 30€/p – 3h

Long canyon: 45€/p – 5h
Children under 14: 40€/p – 5h

+34 662 698 162
+34 93 205 36 67

Rialb Reservoir!

Direction Tremp by the road C-1412b at the 3.3 km we find the viewpoint of the Rialb Dam and at the 5.6 km we find the Perimetral Road that surrounds the reservoir.
The reservoir belongs to the rivers Rialb and Segre and extends to the terms of La Baronia de Rialb and Tiurana in the northesat of La Noguera and Peramola in the Alt Urgell. The dam began to be built in 1992, was filled in 1999 and inaugurated in 2000. Their main beneficiaries are the Urgell and Segarra-Garrigues canals, besides providing water about 80 villages.
The construction of the reservoir, which has its project background on the sixties, had a difficult realization, jas during the next thirty years human postponed for various reasons. In the delay it has had a great importance the persistent opposition to eviction and the removal of some or all of the inhabitants (a total of 300 people) for the heads of the three municipalities and their aggregate (Miralpeix for Tiurana and Castellnou de Bassella, the Clua d’Aguilar and Aguilar de Basella).


Paddle Surf 35 €/p (2-2.30 h)
Children under 14: 30 €/p (2-2.30 h)

Double Kayak 35 €/p (2-2.30 h)
Children under 14: 30 €/p (2-2.30 h)

Motorboat ride 140 €/ 7p (2 h)

Bus Bob + Swiming Pool
+ Open Caiac o Paddle Surf
 40 €/p (+15 persones)
Children under 14: 30 €/p (+15 persones)

+34 662 698 162
+34 93 205 36 67

Kayak and motorboat rental

Rent (without titulation):
Kayaks 10 €/h
Motorboat 10cv / 4-7 p  50 €/h
Motorboat 15cv / 6-11 p  60 €/h

Ramp service access at the dam  18 €
Mooring rental  50 €/day
Motorboat ride 50cv  18 € – p/h (mín. 6p)


In La Baronia de Rialb smaller hunting is practiced with the red partridge and the hare as a main species; the greater hunting with the wild boar by the raid mode and the roe and fallow deer, using the rapprochement (in the set period).

Different private hunting areas (APC) that have established in its Technical Plan Hunting Management also practice the half ban.

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Recreational Fishing in Catalonia must have a recreational fishing license which authorizes the holder to fish in inland waters and sea. To fish in a controlled fishing area must also need the personal and a non-transferable permission, salmonids case lasts one day.
The permission is free for those who have the status of retirees, those in a situation of absolute or total permanent disability and persons under fourteen.

Salmonid Fishing in the Rialb

Overall, regardless the effects of Rialb dam, the Rialb fish community presents a good condition, given the quality of the water and the absence of significant impacts. In the Rialb river you can fish the native river trout (Salmo trutta fario), which indicates good water quality.

Salmonid Fishing in the Segre

The middle stretch of the river Segre provides among other modalities, salmon fishing, specificallyriver trout fishing. Artesa de Segre, Ponts and Gualter (already part of La Baronia de Rialb) are the most important towns in the area.
The historical legacy, architectural and natural, gives to Middle Segre a high particular landscape value, characterized by the River Segre.

Collaborating establishments
Bar Restaurant Cadí
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Cal Basté
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Hostal Catalunya
Av. Font de Valldans, 3 Ponts
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Closer Fishing Society
Societat de Pescadors Esportius de Ponts
Plaça Planell 13, Ponts
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Comarcal Office
Oficina Comarcal de Balaguer
C/ Barcelona 57, Balaguer
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